План проведення тижня циклової комісії «Обслуговування і ремонт автомобілів та двигунів»


holding a cycle commission week

“Maintenance and repair of cars and engines”

23.10.17– 27.10.2017


No West Date Venue
1 A tour of the commission’s laboratories for first-year students 23.10.17 KMK KNTU laboratories
2 Competition for the best stand-up newspaper for first-year students 24.10.17 Auditorium No. 19
3 Excursion to the enterprise “Bogdan-Auto Kirovohrad” LLC 25.10.17 LLC “Bohdan-Auto Kirovohrad”
4 Demonstration and familiarization of students with the operation of modern equipment for repairing car bodies 27.10.17 KMK KNTU laboratories
5 Conference on the results of technological practice on the topic: “Modern equipment for the repair and maintenance of cars on the basis of practice.” 18.12.17 Aud. 105



          The head of the commission R.M. Majevsky




Excursion to the company “Bohdan-Auto Kirovohrad” LLC

On October 25, 2017, students of the IIIrd year visited the modern company “Bogdan-Avto Kirovograd” LLC, which specializes in the sale and service of passenger and commercial cars of foreign and domestic production

Exhibition hall of new cars:

In the car service and repair area, the maintenance of Hyundai Sonata cars and the restoration of wheel mounting angles on a Hyundai SantaFe car were demonstrated

Maintenance of the Hyundai Sonata car

Restoring the angles of installation of wheels on a Hyundai SantaFe car

On October 27, 2017, students familiarized students with the operation of modern equipment for repairing car bodies. They were shown modern equipment for repairing car bodies and exterior parts.

Mykhailo Rakulenko demonstrated the work of a spotter with various nozzles

Studying the structure of the “Welding semi-automatic”

and demonstration of work and laying of seams

 After familiarizing himself with the equipment, student Les Nazar expressed a desire to try the work of a “spotter”

Nazar’s attempt to work a reverse hammer


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